MAY 4-5, 2018


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Founder, President and CEO, CanAm Enterprises, LLC

Mr. Rosenfeld founded CanAm Enterprises in 1987, focusing his efforts in the Canadian Business Immigration Investor Program. Actively involved in structuring and promoting private and government syndicates, CanAm eventually became the exclusive promoter for the Provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

In 2001, Mr. Rosenfeld refocused his efforts to establish CanAm’s presence in the United States. Through Mr. Rosenfeld’s vision and leadership, CanAm is one of the country’s leading sponsors of EB-5 investments. In 2012, CanAm also became the first EB-5 firm in the country to establish a FINRA-licensed Broker Dealer affiliate, CanAm Investor Services, LLC.

For his depth of experience and business insight, Mr. Rosenfeld is frequently invited to speak at economic development conferences and EB-5 seminars, both nationwide and abroad.

Mr. Rosenfeld began his career at Price Waterhouse (currently PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP), where he was responsible for income tax and audits for major clients and also authored select firm educational publications. In 1983, he joined a New York-based real estate syndication firm as a partner, where he remained until founding CanAm in 1987.

Mr. Rosenfeld is an attorney and certified public accountant. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and his Juris Doctor from Temple University. He is the Director Emeritus of the Association to Invest in the USA (IIUSA).